My name is Steffi and I am the hands behind the pottery...

I am a ceramic artist born in Colombia but based in Ottawa, Canada, creating modern functional wares. My style walks the line between minimal and playful and I enjoy creating with clean lines and gentle curves. 

My story with clay started in high school and continued while I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal. I specialized in Ceramics and was fascinated by the technical part of it. I spent my time studying how to make clay, understanding kilns, and playing with glazes. I explored sculptural work but ultimately focused on functional pieces as I was intrigued by the objects we use and cherish during our life's daily routine. I love being connected to a medium that has been around for centuries. 

By using a handbuilding technique, I showcase seams and curves to capture the soft plasticity of clay at the building stage. 

For my colours, one of my early inspirations was Rothko, creating a space and a feeling within hues of colour. I enjoy layering and playing with the transformative magic of glazes. 

The slow and mindful nature of pottery keeps me grounded and allows me to enjoy making every piece that goes through my hands. Every piece is a result of the many that have come before it. 

One of my main inspirations is knowing that a piece that I created will then create experiences for others. 

My hope is that those who receive my work will take a moment to enjoy the design, look at the variations and crystals in the glazes, feel the seams and the soft sanded clay and love the piece that I carefully crafted for them. 

Over the years, I have come to love the unsuspecting paths and familiar challenges clay takes you on. I teach semi-private pottery classes at my art studio (ACE Arte Studio) and sell my work at markets, galleries and various shops. I am also grateful to have my wares used at local restaurants and many homes.

I am lucky to have muddy hands most days.